Whether it's a small drawing or a life-long collection, the Lincoln Art Company can help you document, organize, and archive your artwork. We offer color-corrected photography, condition reports, collection organization, and archival consultation. Call or email us today to get started on preserving your art.


Artwork Packing

Ensuring your artwork is safe during transport can be a difficult and worrisome process. Luckily, the Lincoln Art Company has years of experience preparing and packing artwork for shipment. With industry-standard archival materials, your artwork is sure to safely make it to its next destination. Call or email to setup an appointment with us to receive a packing and shipping quote.


Curatorial Services

From weekend pop-up shows to extensive curated exhibitions, the Lincoln Art Company can help create a visitor-friendly layout to help tell your narrative through fine art. With curatorial experience in both public and private collections, our guidance in assembling thought-provoking exhibitions will leave your visitors wanting more.


Public Speaking

With an expertise in the American Scene movement, our principal, Cole Sartore, can help bring the power of the American art movement to your next event. With lectures focused on the Regionalist and Social Realist movements as well as detailed narratives of many 20th century Nebraska artists, your audience will come away with both entertaining and educational stories to share.


Caption Writing

Every work of art has a story to tell. Some pieces are rooted in deep historical tradition with a straightforward narrative, while others tell their story through abstraction and personal interpretation. Distilling the artist’s intention into a clean, easy-to-read analysis can help increase your artwork’s value and better preserve the history of your piece. From museum exhibitions to personal gallery shows, the Lincoln Art Company can help showcase your artwork's story through well-crafted narrative.